For Those About To Rock by AC/DC Onesie

AC/DC Onesie

by Amplified

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There are onesies that rock. There are onesies that roll. But, when it comes to filling the nursery with the sort of high voltage, raw, real, and uncluttered rock 'n' roll that most definitely ain't noise pollution, your infant knows that there is a classic hard rock solution: this AC/DC Onesie!

Designed with the same "less is more" philosophy that has shaped AC/DC's minimalist, blues-based, stripped-down rock riffs and steady driving rhythms for over three decades, the AC/DC Onesie is the ultimate party rocker.

Like most onesies, the sturdy three snap crotch makes fitting simple during even the most frenetic and strenuously head-bobbing guitar solos. For the very same reason, diaper-changing is rendered quick and easy even when your infant is performing a manic, high-energy duck walk across the changing room stage. Additionally, the AC/DC Onesie's comfortable, red-trimmed neckline effortlessly facilitates the kind of larynx-wrenching vocals that are so much a trademark of both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson incarnations of the band. And, no matter how much sweat all this visceral rock energy generates in the nursery, the AC/DC Onesie is totally machine washable, thereby ensuring that your infant's next performance will begin as clean and as fresh as the last.

With the iconic lightning flash AC/DC logo emblazoned across the front above the words, "For Those About To Rock", the AC/DC Onesie is a simple, direct, and honest proclamation of hard-rocking intent. It is, quite simply, a Whole Lot Of Onesie!

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