Star Wars Yoda Onesie

Yoda Onesie

by Fabric Flavours

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Your infant may be small, but as Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Head of the Council and having already trained Jedi Knights for in excess of 800 years, it would be a mistake to underestimate the amount of wisdom or power that lurks within that tiny frame. (Truth this is, remember always, size matters not...herh, herh, herh.) Even if, arguably, a trifle green, and possibly the possessor of ears that might, in less modern and enlightened circles, cause a certain amount of gentle amusement, your infant has nonetheless spent an entire lifetime meditating on and channeling into the mysteries and strength of the Force.

And, thanks to the Star Wars Yoda Onesie, released now to use the Force your infant is....hmmmm. Yessssss.

Designed in X-Wing fighter pilot blue with pale blue facings and a distinctive Star Wars arm flash, the front of the Yoda Star Wars Onesie features a large image of the frequently stern and yet oddly and endearingly mischievous Jedi Master himself. It's three crotch snaps are as sturdy, graceful, and easy to use as a Jedi warrior's light saber. (Result is, therefore, fitting and changing easy and simple are...herh, herh, herh. Hmmmmm.)

Naturally enough, having lived for many years during the wars between the Galactic Empire and the forces of the Nursery Republic in self-imposed exile in the swampy plant of Dagobah, your infant has worked up an appetite. Fittingly, therefore, the Yoda Star Wars Onesie comes with a message, and the message is: "My Jedi Skills Make Me Hungry"

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