Toy Story Woody Onesie

Woody Onesie

by Disney

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This may sound unkind, but sometimes the truth can be unkind. Some onesies are…how should we put this?...delusional. Yes, yes, that seems harsh. But the fact is there are certain onesies that, mentioning no names, refuse to believe that they are simply items of infant clothing and instead insist on claiming that they are real Space Rangers who need to make contact with Star Command in order to travel back to their own planet! How preposterous is that? On the other hand, however, there are onesies who are dependable; onesies who are natural leaders; onesies who are the voice of reason. Onesies such as these are not only kind and smart, they’re brave – like a loyal sheriff cowboy should be. They’re the kind of onesies who won’t just be your pal for as long as you can remember, they’re the kind of onesies who’ll never give up on you – they’ll be there for you no matter what. And they’ll ensure that no onesie ever gets left behind!

Is this the kind of onesie you’re looking for? Well then, say a big “Howdy, pardner!” to the Toy Story Woody Baby Onesie!

With its instantly recognisable Woody design of yellow and red plaid shirt, black and white cowboy vest with a sheriff’s star, buckled belt and blue jeaned bottom, the Toy Story Woody Onesie is the level-headed and dependable kind of onesie for any infant who needs to reassure the rest of the toys that they are still loved and valued. What’s more, thanks to their 3 sturdy crotch snaps, the Toy Story Onesie makes changing and fitting as simple as falling out of the family car on the way to Pizza Planet and suddenly finding yourself stranded. Plus, no matter how many times your infant is required to save the day and rescue the other toys from cruel children, uncaring adults, or delusional Space Rangers, they’ll ensure that the Woody Onesie stays securely and lovingly in position.

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