Wolverine Baby Onesie

Wolverine Onesie

by Redleg Tees

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As a parent in this modern world of ours, you're faced with an often bewildering series of choices and decisions. Take, for instance, the task of choosing which X-Men onesie you should buy for your infant. Among so many possibilities, how do you decide? You could, for example, go for a Cyclops Onesie; but do you really want the Nursery destroyed by a poorly-aimed optic power blast? Or, perhaps, an Angel Onesie; but isn’t it already hard enough to get your infant to go to bed at night – just imagine how difficult it would be if your infant had wings! You could, of course, go for the Storm Onesie; but if you think the tantrums are bad now…! On the other hand, you could pick the more gentle Rogue Onesie; but do you really want your infant daughter looking like a cross between Bonnie Raitt and Pepe Le Pew? 

Clearly, what you and your infant need is something more practical; a mutant onesie more attuned to the stark realities of infant life. The sort of mutant onesie that when, say, your infant sustains an ouchy knee, a scratchy little there-there, a bit of an oopsy-daisy, or even a tiny fall-down-go-boom, is instantly able to accelerate the healing process and regenerate and repair any ouchy-damaged bodily tissues. What could possibly be better?

And that’s why you and your infant need the Wolverine Baby Onesie!

Designed in grey and with a Wolverine crossed claws emblem on the front, the Wolverine Onesie is the adamantium onesie of choice for your infant. Plus, because of its 3 sturdy and (possibly) self-healing crotch snaps, changing and fitting the Wolverine Onesie is as quick and simple as reaching for emery board to file down the razor sharp edges of the three claws that your infant can suddenly extrude from his or her hands. Plus, regardless of how many times the writers decide to change the back story, they’ll keep the Wolverine Onesie cozy and snugly in place.

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