Thor Baby Onesie

Thor Onesie

by Tee Tee Monster

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Frost Giants, don’t you just hate them? Is there anything more tiresome than Frost Giants? Not as far as your infant is concerned. That’s because, if it hadn’t been for the darn Frost Giants of Jutenheim and their pesky attempt to conquer and subjugate the Nine Realms (including Mid Nurserygard – AKA the planet Nursery Earth), your infant wouldn’t have been banished to live as a weak and helpless mortal in the land of the Nursery, and would, instead, still be lording it up in Asgard, hurling his mighty war hammer, Mjolnir, hither and yon, shaking his rock star mane of long blond hair, and generally strutting his stuff as the God of Thunder and Lightning! No wonder the poor chap cries so much. Not to mention poops in his sleep. After all, wouldn’t you – especially if you’d once had a day of the week named after you?

So the very least you can do is to allow him the chance to recapture his true, natural, and overwhelmingly awesome Norse godhead by giving him the chance to wear … the Thor Baby Onesie!

Styled in the classic Thor comic book blue, and adorned with a yellow belt and super-heroically Nordic silver breast plates surrounding a pair of crimson lightning bolts, the Thor Onesie is the divinely sartorial solution for any reckless and arrogant infant thunder god doomed to spend his days in mortal Nursery exile. And, what’s more, because of its 3 sturdy crotch snaps, the Thor Onesie makes fitting and changing as simple as throwing a magical war hammer – even when your infant is letting thunder rip. Plus, regardless of how often your infant is required to use his legendary powers in order to overcome either modern or mythical evil in the Nursery, they’ll make sure that the Thor Onesie stays as comfortably and snugly in place as in the days before Frost Giants ever dared to threaten the rainbow Bifrost Bridge.

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