The Twilight Zone Baby Onesie

The Twilight Zone Onesie

by TrevCo

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As far as you're concerned, your infant's nursery is just another room in your house. Sure, you went to a lot of trouble, and took a great deal of care, to furnish and decorate it to be a special place but, at bottom, it's still simply part of the building. Or is it? As your infant knows only too well, there is a Nursery dimension that is beyond that known to adults. It is a dimension of not only Nursery sight and Nursery sound, but of Nursery mind! It is timeless and vast, as vast as space, and it's boundaries are those of the Nursery imagination. You, of course, being an adult, are blissfully unaware (although that whirling black and white vortex ought to have given you a great big clue!) that whenever you step into the Nursery you are crossing over into something your infant calls The Nursery Twilight Zone!

So, now that you know all this, what onesie do you suppose your infant would want you to select? Wait! Listen! Did you hear that sound? There it is again! It's a voice - a strange voice coming from far away, from another place and time, from another dimension. What's it saying? It's saying...The Twilight Zone Baby Onesie!

Designed in black with the words, "The Twilight Zone" written in white lettering on the front in the classic font of the original cult TV series, The Twilight Zone Onesie is the naturally supernatural onesie for your infant to investigate the mysterious middle world that lies between science and superstition, between light and shadow. Plus, thanks to its pan-dimensional 3 sturdy crotch snaps, fitting and changing The Twilight Zone Onesie is as quick and easy as accidentally unlocking a portal into an alternate reality. And, they'll keep The Twilight Zone Onesie securely and snugly in place no matter how many times your infant is required to come up with a surprise twist ending to shock the viewing audience.

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