Spiderman Baby Onesie

Spiderman Onesie

by Marvel

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How different life would have been if only you had not decided to take your infant to see the radioactive spider at the local science exhibition! But that's all in the past, and now your infant's Spider-Senses are tingling, and what they're saying is this: if they're going to be able to do whatever a spider can, he's going to need the amazing Spiderman Onesie.

With its iconic Spiderman mask image, the Spiderman Baby Onesie will have your diminutive Webslinger fully costumed up and ready to make the Nursery safe once more from hitherto well-respected scientists who, as a result of (frankly bizarre) science experiments that have gone horribly wrong, are driven insane and transformed into maliciously evil super villains. Plus, with its three sturdy crotch snaps, the Spiderman Onesie is easy to fit, easy to change, and easy to keep you wall crawling infant secure and comfortable - even when he is hanging upside down suspended by a web thread from the ceiling.

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