R2-D2 Baby Onesie

R2-D2 Onesie

by LucasFilm

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Infants intuitively know who deserves the credit for a good deed. And that holds true for who deserves the credit for defeating Darth Vader and keeping the Nursery safe from the Empire. Normally, when it it's time for the laurels to be handed out, it's Luke Skywalker who gets the lion's share. But your infant knows better! Your infant knows that when it comes to delivering the crucial Information Disk from Princess Leia to Obi-Wan Kenobi, serving as Luke's vital co-pilot during the attack on the death Star, rescuing C3PO, overriding the security computers on Cloud City, repairing the Millennium Falcon's heyperdrive at the last minute, or rescuing Luke, Han, and Leia from Jabba the Hutt, the real credit doesn't belong to a snot-nosed, jumped-up young Jedi. It belongs to a small, astromech droid.

For your insightful infant, therefore, there can be only one choice of onesie...the R2-D2 Baby Onesie!

Designed in Star Wars droid blue and white, and featuring on its front the quirky and loveable mechanical hero together with the legend, "R is for R2-D2", the R2-D2 Onesie is the perfectly programmed choice for permitting your infant to fulfill his or her electronic destiny of saving the Galactic Nursery Republic Rebel Alliance! Plus, thanks to its 3 sturdy crotch snaps, fitting and changing the R2-D2 Onesie is as easy and reassuringly predictable as having a small blue and white droid save the day at least once every Star Wars movie! Plus, no matter how frequently your robotic infant's circuitry is damaged during battles with Imperial troops and needs to be repaired in time to appear at the final celebratory scene, they'll make sure that theR2-D2 Onesie remains snugly and comfortably in place!

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