Punisher Baby Onesie

Punisher Onesie

by Crazy Baby Clothing

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A lot of parents make the mistake of believing their infants are delicate little beings who need to be metaphorically wrapped in tissue paper and protected from the world. But that’s not a mistake you make. You know that your infant is tougher than many people might think. That’s because you know that your infant has been the recipient of the highest levels of military cross-disciplinary training from the US Marine Corp, the Navy SEALS, the Airborne Rangers, as well as from the Australian Special Air Service. In addition, you know that your infant is an expert in guerilla warfare, urban warfare, infiltration, camouflage, stealth, capture, and assassination. Plus, by way of an additional benefit, your infant a master of karate, jujutsu, ninjutsu, not to mention multiple other lethal Nursery martial arts disciplines. All of which is, when you think of it, just as well – especially given that your infant is a merciless vigilante who wages a ceaseless, deadly, and determined one-infant war on organized Nursery Mafia crime in particular, and all Nursery criminals in general. 

So, for a roughty toughty infant such as yours, what could possibly be a more fitting and suitable onesie than … The Punisher Baby Onesie?! Designed in bad-ass black, and with a prominent and intimidating bright white death’s head skull on the chest, and a triple-tier magazine belt forming the death head’s teeth, The Punisher Onesie is the perfect Nursery costume to allow free rein to your infant’s driven desire for death, destruction, murder, and violence. Plus, and thanks to its 3 sturdy and Kevlar armored crotch snaps, the business of fitting and changing The Punisher Onesie is about as brief as the life-expectancy of The Punisher’s enemies. And, of course, they’ll ensure that no matter how many malfeasant Mafioso mobsters your infant is require to dispatch, The Punisher Onesie always stays snug, cuddly, and comfortably in place.

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