Princess Leia Baby Onesie

Princess Leia Onesie

by Star Wars

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It is not, of course, remotely unusual for an infant daughter to be referred to by her doting parents as a Princess. In your infant daughter’s case, however, things are a bit different. And the reason they’re a bit different is because your infant daughter isn’t just a Princess: she is none other than Princess Leia Organa of the planet Alderaan, and a member of the Imperial Senate! She’s the kind of princess who, when taken hostage, is quite capable of standing up to Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin, the commander of the Nursery Death Star. Plus she’s snippy, she’s sarcastic, she’s handy with a blaster, and pretty nifty when it comes to using an R2 droid to smuggle out a holographic message with the plans for the Nursery Death Star, escaping down garbage chutes, dispatching Stormtroopers, rescuing LukeSkywalker, rescuing Han Solo, strangling Jabba the Hutt with his own set of slave chains, or outracing and defeating Scout Troopers on speederbikes. Don’t let the Danish pastry hairdo fool you – you’re daughter isn’t just a princess: she’s a smart, badass warrior princess!

And that is why your infant deserves to wear the Princess Leia Baby Onesie!

Designed in pink, and featuring an image of the brave and determined leading member of the Rebel Alliance below the defiantly proud assertion, “I’m The Princess”, the Princess Leia Onesie is the ideal onesie for any infant intent upon being a leader in any galactic rebellion. Plus, because its 3 sturdy (and Force-using) crotch snaps, the Princess Leia Onesie makes changing and fitting as quick and easy as making friends and forging fighting alliances with furry little Ewoks on the planet Endor. What’s more, regardless of how frequently your infant is required to deal with and overcome the evil representatives of the Dark Side of the Nursery Force, they’ll ensure that the Star Wars Princess Leia Onesie remains snugly, comfortably, and regally, in place.

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