Pirate Baby Onesie

Pirate Onesie

by Chameleon Clothing

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For a sensitive and vulnerable infant pirate, it's always a distressing experience to find oneself marooned alone on a deserted Nursery island - especially when one has been abandoned with just a pistol and a single shot, and one's mutinous former first mate and his piratical crew of undead skeletons has sailed off with one's ship, the Black Pearl. Your infant, however, takes this sort of thing in his or her stride. Why? Because you infant is made of sterner (or, at least, more quick witted) stuff. How so? Because your infant is one of the Nine Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court and the Seven Seas; because your infant is none other than Jack (or, possibly, Jackie) Sparrow!

There can be, therefore, only one onesie that is sufficiently buccaneering...the Pirate Baby Onesie!

Suitably designed in piratical black, and emblazoned with a jolly roger motif showing a skull and crossed cutlasses, the Pirate Onesie is the swashbuckling onesie of choice for sartorially conscious corsairs, cutthroats, and sea rovers. In addition, its three sturdy and shipshape crotch snaps make fitting, changing, and battening down the hatches as easy shivering your timbers while hoisting the mizzen - even when your infant's holds are burstin' with swag! Plus, they'll ensure that the Pirate Onesie stays in place and let's nothing go overboard regardless of how often your infant privateer is obliged to rescue Keira Knightly, to outwit Bill Nighy, or to evade the clutches of the Kraken and Davy Jones's Locker.

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