Optimus Prime Baby Onesie

Optimus Prime Onesie

by Transformers

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To you, of course, your infant’s nursery is a world of fluffy floor rugs, soft quilted comforters, gentle comfy cushions, and cuddly pliable plush toys. But that’s all you know. To your infant, however, the Nursery is a harsh, metallic, and shining technological alien planet; a world of futuristic towering cities; a world of twisted metal mountains, cavernous metal chasms lit by neon, and enormous metal plains. Regardless of what you fondly imagine the nursery to be, to your infant it is Nursery Cybertron – the dazzling home planet of the Transformers! That’s because your infant isn’t just any infant. You may think your infant is a small, helpless, human child, but your infant knows better. Why? Because your infant knows that he or she is, in (Nursery) fact, none other than the last surviving member of the Dynasty of Primes, the heroic leader of the valiant Autobots, and dedicated to preserving the Nursery AllSpark from falling into the malevolently Machiavellian metallic hands of Megatron and his army of despicable and dastardly Decepticons. 

All of which is, naturally enough, the perfectly reasonable reason why your infant deserves to assume his or her proper title, and to wear … the Optimus Prime Baby Onesies!

Designed to withstand whatever menaces that Megatron and his terrible transformative host may attempt to visit upon Nursery Cybertron or other unsuspecting and innocent worlds within the Infant Universe, the Optimus Prime Baby Onesies are able to transform your infant from a humble head of a science division into the true and dynastic interplanetary leader that will keep all Nursery and Infant life at liberty from the threat of Decepticon tyranny. And, to make your life equally free from tyranny, the Optimus Prime Baby Onesies' 3 sturdy crotch snaps make changing and fitting a speedy, simple, and generally transformative experience. Plus, they’ll ensure that the Optimus Prime Baby Onesies never transforms out of its proper and comfortable place.

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