Minion Baby Onesie

Minion Onesie

by Tee Tee Monster

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Naturally enough, like every other parent in the world, you celebrate the anniversary of our infant’s birth, and think back to that wonderful day when you first held your newborn baby. But that’s not how your infant sees it. Regardless of which of your infant’s birthdays you are celebrating, or how old you fondly believe your infant to be, your infant is fully aware that you are, in fact, delusional. That’s because your infant knows that he or she has actually existed since the very dawn of Nursery time; that, far from being “born”, he or she evolved from yellow, a single cell organism into a small creature that lives with just one purpose in life – to find and to serve a succession of the world’s most evil masters. The problem is, however, that while having a purpose in life may be a good thing for your infant, it has proved somewhat less fortuitous for your infant’s historical masters, all of whom your infant has accidentally destroyed: including, among others, Napoleon Bonaparte, a Yeti, Dracula, and even a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Which is why, if your infant is going to have to venture forth and attend the Nursery Supervillan Convention in search of a new master, he or she needs to be wearing … the Minion Baby Onesie!

Designed in yellow, and with the Stuart Minion’s single goggle eye and strap across the chest, the Minions Baby Onesie is calculated to ensure that your infant is able to achieve his or her goal – though not necessarily to the advantage of his or her new despicable master (or mistress). What’s more, when it comes to changing and fitting, the Minions Baby Onesie’s 3 sturdy crotch snaps make the whole process as quick and easy as falling down or saying “Banana”. Plus, they’ll make sure that no matter how many pratfalls your Minion infant has to endure the Minions Baby Onesie stays comfortably and snugly in place.

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