Loki Baby Onesie

Loki Onesie

by A&J Design

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You probably think, being the puny and pitiful mortal that you are, that your infant’s nursery is simply a quiet and nonthreatening room located somewhere in an upper storey of your house. You are, of course, mistaken. That’s because, for one thing, and as your infant knows only too well, his nursery – or Nurserygard as it’s more properly called – is actually located high up in the branches of a whacking great ash tree called Yggdrasil: a tree so vast and huge that it supports the entire universe and connects the Nine Realms. Also, for another thing, there’s nothing “nonthreatening” about it: it’s under more or less constant threat of attack from the Frost Giants of Jutunheim , to say nothing of total destruction as a result of the impending Ragnorok. And then, of course, there’s the fact that it’s not exactly “quiet”: the entire place is positively teeming with a race of loud, proud, boorish, warrior deities who admire nothing more than courage, combat, and recklessly mindless violence. Which is why, for your infant, life in Nurserygard can sometimes be rather taxing. Buffoon-like muscle-bound Norse bravery isn’t exactly his thing. Cunning, trickery, mischief – that’s where his natural talents lie. After all, he is the god of them.

So, when it comes to selecting a suitable onesie, which one are you going to select to ensure that your mischievous little prince and heir to the throne doesn’t miss a trick? But of course! You’re going to go for … the Loki Baby Onesie!

Roguishly designed in rascally black, gold, and green, the Loki Onesie is the sartorially divine solution for any Nordic God of Mischief looking to give full expression to his desire to usurp the Nurserygard throne. Plus, the Loki Onesie’s 3 sturdy and completely untricky crotch snaps make fitting and changing as easy as outwitting a hammer throwing Thunder God. And, of course, they’ll ensure it always stays snug, comfy, and “Loking” great.

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