Toy Story Jessie Onesie

Jessie Onesie

by Disney

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It is well known that nyctophobia, or a fear of the dark, is a common experience among infants. What is less well know, however, is that it is a similarly common phobia among onesies; especially if those onesies have been traumatised by the experience of having spent years in storage, tucked away, unused and seemingly unloved. It can be even worse if the storage involves, as it so frequently does, the onesie being subjected to long periods in enclosed and confined spaces: a dual trauma that can result in the onesie becoming prey not just to nyctophobia, but also to claustrophobia! Couple this with the concomitant emotions that the onesie naturally experiences – emotions of rejection and abandonment – and the onesie can become permanently psychologically scarred. Physiologically, this can express itself by causing the onesie to have hyperventilating panic attacks when confronted with dark or confined spaces, or at the mere thought that it might once more be abandoned.

So, show your love, let in a ray of sunshine, and call out a big “Yodel-ay-hee-ho!” to the Toy Story Jessie Onesie!

With its white shirt that features a yellow and red western-style motif, red hat, blue jeans, and buckled belt design, the Toy Story Jessie Onesie is the free-spirited and cheerfully outgoing cowgirl kind of onesie that your infant will never want to ignore or store away in a small, dark place. In addition, its 3 sturdy crotch snaps make fitting and changing the Toy Story Jessie Onesie is as easy as falling in love with a space ranger. Plus, no matter how energetically your infant is required to deal with Stinky Pete’s wicked schemes, or to avoid being sent to Toy museums in Japan or to being donated to day care centers for small children, they’ll ensure that the Toy Story Jessie Onesie stays happily and neatly in place.

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