Iron Man Baby Onesie

Iron Man Onesie

by Marvel

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OK, so your stupid neighbors and that no-nothing pediatrician and doctor's nurse seem to think that your infant is just a run of the mill billionaire industrialist, military supplier and genius electrical mechanical engineer inventor with a slightly more than passing resemblance to Robert Downey Jr. What do they know? You know that your infant was critically wounded by a piece of shrapnel near the heart, kidnapped by Nursery terrorists, and compelled to build a devastating weapon of mass destruction. However, your infant fooled them by creating, instead, a high-tech, kick-ass suit of armour with which your infant escaped their evil clutches and now uses, like a modern day superhero knight, to protect the Nursery world from all and sundry dastardly fiends, nefarious masterminds, and villainously villainous

With all this in mind, which onesie is best suited to your iron-clad infant, the mega-cool business executive with a heart of steel? The Iron Man Baby Onesie, of course!

With its red and gold Iron man suit design, the Iron Man Onesie is the perfect outer body wear to enable you infant to become one of the five founding members of the Nursery Avengers, and to fly through the Nursery while unleashing enemy-crushing repulsor rays from the palms of his or her armour-clad hands! (Possibly.) Also, thanks to the technologically engineered genius of the 3 sturdy (but non-metallic) crotch snaps, you'd have to be Stark staring mad not to find the business of fitting and changing the Iron Man Onesie as simple as outwitting evil Nursery terrorists! What's more, they'll ensure that the Iron Man Onesie stays snugly, neatly, and cozily in position even when your infant is in edgy story line self-destruct mode, and intent on hitting the milk bottle. 

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