Hulk Baby Onesie

Hulk Onesie

by Badass Babies

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If, as you are sitting casually one day with your infant, the Incredible Hulk were suddenly to crash in roaring through the nursery door, you might be forgiven for regarding the unexpected ingress of an enraged 8 foot, 1,000lb, muscle bound, green humanoid monster as some sort of cause for alarm. Your infant, however, would be totally cool with it. That’s because your infant and the Hulk have much in common. After all, infant speech and Hulk speech, as the world famous linguist and phoneticist Professor Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady once unaccountably failed to observe, have a great deal in common. For one thing, they both tend to be fairly concise and to the point. For another, they both have a marked tendency to ignore the existence of either the definite or indefinite article; or, for that matter, verb constructions, syntax, and pretty much any and all of the rules of grammar. Therefore, they’d both completely understand both the language and sentiment behind phrases like: “Hulk/Infant smash puny plush toy thing!”

More importantly, though, just as whenever Bruce Banner gets marginally cross he is transformed from a mild and placid scientist into the raging Hulk, just so a minor fit of pique is all that is required to transform your infant into a little monster!

And that is precisely the reason why you need to transform your infant with the Hulk Baby Onesie!

Designed in numrous color's, with the green silhouetted outline of the Hulk flying fist-first towards the viewer, the Hulk Onesie provides your infant with the perfect sartorial expression of the transforming effect of released anger, frustration, and aggression. What’s more, and because of its 3 sturdy (and not at all angry) crotch snaps, the Hulk Onesie makes changing and fitting as easy as becoming stronger and stronger the more angry you become. Plus, no matter how much your infant chooses to jump, slam his or her hands together, or generally destroy things, they’ll ensure the Hulk Onesie always stays strongly in place.

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