Green Lantern Baby Onesie

Green Lantern Onesie

by DC Comics

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All that stuff about brightest day; all that stuff about blackest night? Naturally enough, your infant is fully aware of how the mantra goes. Why? Because your infant is a Green Lantern, an intergalactic Nursery super-cop, of course! But, and here’s the really big green question – which one: John Stewart, Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, the great Hal Jordan, or any one of the 3,595 of the various other members that make up the Green Lantern Corp? After all, as your infant knows only too well, being a Green Lantern doesn’t mean just being a superhero, it’s more like running an entire franchise! However, it’s certainly handy that your infant has a rechargeable ring of power that can transform his or her thoughts into Green Energy and thereby unleash power bolts, allow your infant to fly by overcoming the effects of gravity, and generally ensure the galactic safety of the Nursery. And you infant is also grateful that the Guardians of the Universe decided that what their Green Lantern Corps needed to do their job was a power ring – so much more impressive than, say, a pair of power socks!

And all of this is precisely why, in order to ensure that those who worship evil’s might get what’s coming to them, your infant chooses to wear the Green Lantern Baby Onesie!

Designed in green and with the iconic Green Lantern logo on the chest, the Green Lantern Onesie is exactly the kind of onesie that the Guardians of the Universe would choose. Plus, because of its 3 sturdy (and green energy-powered) crotch snaps, the Green Lantern Onesie makes changing and fitting as easy as recharging a power ring by holding it up to a lantern. In addition, regardless of the fact that your infant fears absolutely nothing, they’ll ensure that he or she never needs to worry that the Green Lantern Onesie will never be anything but snug and comfy.

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