Deadpool Baby Onesie

Deadpool Onesie

by A&J Design

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The problem with most, if not pretty much all, infants who are in fact fictional Nursery comic book characters is that they don’t actually *know* that they are fictional Nursery comic book characters. They think that they’re the real deal. Which, of course, they’re not. They spend their entire infant lives living in a Nursery world of self-delusional make believe. Their parents should be ashamed of themselves. What kind of way is that to bring up a child? Dammit, infants need to be taught and to understand that there’s a real world out there; a cold, hard, and often heartless world that’s just waiting for them to stumble out of their nurseries so that it can whack them over the head with a sock full of wet sand. Thank goodness you’re not that kind of parent! And thank goodness you’re infant isn’t some kind of delusional, never never land, superhero wannabe. Both you and your infant have your heads screwed on. That’s because you know that your infant genuinely is the real fictional deal. And your infant knows it too. Your infant knows he’s the Merc With A Mouth; the trash-talking, walk-walking superhero with a the gift of the gab, the limbo of the lip, and hyper pronto healing power.

So what are you going to get him to wear? Surely not one of those sappy, self-deceiving, spurious superhero onesies? No, you’re going to make sure he wears … the Deadpool Baby Onesie! Designed in iconic Deadpool red and black, the Deadpool Onesie is the ironically cynical selection of choice that allows any motor-mouthed superhero infant full rein to indulge his internal monologues. What’s more, it’s 3 sturdy and irony-free crotch snaps mean that changing and fitting is as effortless as growing back a new hand after you’ve cut off the old one to escape a from being handcuffed. And, no matter what punishment your seemingly immortal infant’s body takes, they’ll ensure the Daedpool Onesie stays snug and comfortable.

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