Darth Vader Baby Onesie

Darth Vader Onesie

by Fabric Flavours

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Father-Child relationships can sometimes be complex and, even in the most loving and nurturing of families, strains have been known to occur. This is never more true than when the father in question happens to be a ruthless cyborg and former Jedi who has turned to the Dark Side of the Force. In familial circumstances such as these, children need to be able to show they are not ashamed of their dear old dad - even if he is a Dark Lord of the Sith.

And now they can, thanks to this Darth Vader Baby Onesie!

Whether your infant son is a hero pilot of the Rebel Alliance, or your infant daughter is a Princess of Alderaan with a double Danish pastry hairdo, with the Darth Vader Baby Onesie they can proudly proclaim their heritage. In pale blue with red trim and a Star Wars flash on the sleeve, the Darth Vader Onesie features a prominent and striking image of Lord Vader himself coupled with the heartwarming filial declaration: "Darth Vader Is My Father." Its three sturdy crotch snaps make fitting and changing as easy as if you were being guided by the Force. Moreover, they keep the Darth Vader Onesie snugly and comfortably in place even when your infant son is wielding his light saber in combat, or your infant daughter is required to go to the bother and inconvenience of strangling Jabba the Hutt with a length of chain.

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