Captain America Onesie from Marvel

Captain America Onesie

by Marvel

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As leader of the Avengers, the world's mightiest superhero team, your infant bears a huge amount of responsibility for one so young. Fortunately, though, as a result of having been given the secret and experimental Super Soldier Serum at the start of World War II, your infant is a first class tactician and a natural commander who can, among other things, bench press 1200 lbs (545 kg) and run a mile in just 73 seconds. Even more fortunately, whenever duty calls, your extraordinary infant can now rest assured that any services to Nursery homeland security will be performed with sartorial panache.

All of this is thanks to...the Captain America Baby Onesie!

The Captain America Onesie comes in patriotic red, white and blue and features on its front the logo of the large circular shield that your infant routinely hurls with devastating effect upon the fiendish proponents of such diverse "isms" as fascism, communism, anarchism, and international (and domestic) terrorism. In addition, the three sturdy crotch snaps ensure that fitting and changing the Captain America Onesie are as as easy as the unique martial arts style that Captain America employs in order to deal with and dispatch dastardly enemy agents. Plus, no matter how much your infant's amazing physique is called upon to put its incredible strength, speed, agility, and reflexes to work in the services of its Nursery, the Captain America Onesie will stay comfortably (and patriotically) secure and in place.

When American values are threatened, make sure that with this Captain America Onesie your infant is ready to deliver. With a punch!

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