Classic Batman Onesie Snapsuit

Batman Onesie

by DC Comics

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To outsiders, your infant may appear to be a perfectly normal, hugely wealthy business owner and philanthropist living quietly in an enormous mansion in Gotham Nursery. But you know better. With this Batman Onesie, suddenly there's a new crime-fighting superhero on the block and it's bad news for low-life criminals and dastardly super-villains everywhere.

The three sturdy snaps at the crotch not only make it easy for you to fit and change, they also keep the Batman Onesie in place and snug - a must for successful crime fighting! Plus, it is fully machine washable. So, after a busy day of keeping the streets safe for the good, law-abiding citizens of Gotham Nursery, your superhero can sleep safely in the knowledge that the Batman Onesie will be clean, comfortable, and ready for action tomorrow.

If your infant's nursery contains any plush Penguins, it may be wise to remove them for the duration of time that your infant is wearing the Batman Onesie. Consult you paediatrician in the event that your infant attempts to transform the family car into a Batmobile, requests a private telephone line be installed with a direct link to Commissioner Gordon, or begins to display unusual playboy lifestyle tendencies.

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